About - The River Bears

The River Bears is a children’s novel I am currently writing. The ethos of the book is acceptance and kindness to oneself, each other and the natural world. The story is full of adventures, inspiring lessons and tools to keep oneself well in both body and mind. A magical enchanting story which also doubles up as a self help manual for children. Completion by mid 2019 (hopefully!)

When creating this yoga programme it felt only natural to use The River Bears as the backdrop of which the programme exists. The characters from the story enthuse the programme and give it a context and imaginative world in which the yoga is part of. This also lends itself to creative work outside of the yoga programme/classes, with creative writing exercises, drawing, poetry and journaling to be made around the themes. A way for the children to keep interacting with their imagination and the unifying world we create through Yoga.

In my ideal world children would be happy, healthy and free. Stress and anxiety would pass just as easily as a cloud, and it would be recognised as just that. A passing emotion or feeling, which passes through you rather than defines you. Then once the clouds clear the rest of the day looks sunny and full of adventure. And when the moon comes out to shine her light the dark night ahead feels safe and a time for peace and rest. I’m not the only one striving for an ideal world. Especially for children! Who’s with me? Together we can do it!