About - Why this matters

River Bear Yoga is a response to the widely growing struggles which young people face today. Mental health is a serious issue which thankfully is being recognised and targeted within schools. A holistic approach is essential to help children grow. By giving children the tools to self regulate and healthily manage their emotions, feelings and fears we can help them combat anxiety and stress which makes growing up (in our technological age) a little easier.

With holistic well-being for children at the heart of all we do we have created this teacher training programme. River Bear Yoga training includes all essential tools to help enhance a child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. From breathing exercises, yoga poses through game playing, drama games for self esteem and mindfulness meditation. We have it all covered.

Research studies show that introducing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom significantly improves attention, focus and academic performance. More importantly it increases positive behaviour towards oneself and others and it also helps children stay physically and mentally healthy too. Caring for the whole of the child. By introducing yoga and mindfulness to children before adolescence we are giving them the tools which will serve them well into young adulthood and beyond.

River Bear Yoga is full of exercises which help bring children into direct contact with their inner and outer worlds. On the outside it is full of fun, expressive and imaginative games. While also introducing breath work, grounding and mindfulness, which offer peace and rest-bite from stress.