RBY 3hr Training Workshop

About the training


The training covers why yoga, play and mindfulness is a proven way to help children with their mental and physical health. It is also experiential, offering you the time to practice and learn the techniques for yourself. So you too receive the benefits of yoga, play and mindfulness. Reducing stress for everybody – creating healthy happy classrooms.

The training consists of a one off 3 hour workshop which is delivered at your school at a convenient time for you.


  • 5 breathing exercises

  • 20 yoga poses

  • 20 yoga and drama/play games

  • 5 mindfulness meditations

Plus many more ways to bring mindful contemplation and mental health well-being into the classroom.


  • A set of River Bear Yoga Cards

  • A Poster

  • A Training Manual

Our training manual offers many ways to create lesson plans. So you can tailor make classes for whatever time is available to you on any given day. From a 10 minute energy boost or calm down to a 55 minute PE session or after school club, it’s all covered!

And this is just the beginning. Once you have completed the training if there is anything you need from us we are here for you. Whether you’ve got questions, worries, or you want to share your yoga joy and success stories — we want to hear from you.

Our mission is to build a community centred around care for you and for the well-being of every child you teach.

RBY Poster


The workshop is priced at £95 per person, with a minimum of 6 people per workshop. There’s a 5% discount for schools training 10+ staff, and 10% discount when training 15+ staff.

This training is eligible to be covered by either your PE & sport premium or pupil premium funding.

Many schools host workshops in which staff from other local schools can attend. This can be helpful if you don’t have the minimum of 6 participants. Host schools receive 5% discount.

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