About - Our Founder

Hello I’m Rachel Savage and I have created River Bear Yoga – Lovely to digitally meet you!

I am a qualified 200hr yoga teacher and I have taught yoga to children for six years and drama for over twelve.

The birth of River Bear Yoga is the culmination of my life’s work.

Alongside teaching children I also wear the hat of actress, improviser and writer.

After my degree in Performance Arts Studies in 2005 I began a career in acting and comedy. Like a lot of creative paths the road diverged a little and when I discovered yoga and meditation in 2009 it felt like a whole new world had opened up for me. Here was a place where I felt so well, peaceful and present. So after exploring many forms of yoga I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2012 and here we are.

Alongside my performing years and yoga journey I also taught drama and improvising to children, in London, Brighton and Devon. Nothing has given me more joy than seeing how the children I worked with blossomed and grew in confidence, creativity and pride. Having witnessed the profound effect that expressing oneself creatively through drama has upon children, I feel very passionate about continuing sharing it. So when creating River Bear Yoga I just had to weave the two together. As I believe both deeply nourish and offer holistic well-being for children.

I am also a mother to a curious and adventurous toddler who has been the main inspiration behind creating River Bear Yoga and The River Bears novel. I want to build a future for him where being kind and connected to himself, others and the natural world is as natural to him as climbing a tree. Through my work I want to bring children joy and offer them ways to find peace within themselves.

It is my personal mission to make yoga, play and mindfulness incredibly accessible in mainstream education. It should not be a luxury or just for those who seek, I believe it’s presence in the classroom is imperative for our times.